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Vis-à-vis Wellness PMA

                                                             Welcome, Members!

This is where members of Vis-à-vis Wellness PMA can access private information about PMA including:

  • The official membership roll of Vis-à-vis Wellness PMA, which includes everyone who has applied and been accepted as a member. Members can be accepted through this website, the FaceBook private group (Vis-à-vis Homeopathy) and any future social media groups.
  • Member contact information, given during the application process, to allow members to interact with one another
  • Vis-à-vis Wellness PMA membership application (link) which members can download and use to invite others to apply for PMA membership, subject to approval.
  • Vis-à-vis Wellness PMA Articles of Association and Bylaws (link)

Members of Vis-à-vis Wellness PMA (how to present?? Link to Excel sheet or table with columns for first name, last name, email address, phone for text, other phone

Member-only page for Vis-à-vis Wellness Private Membership Association