To answer this question, you need  to ask yourself what your health and wellness goals are. If you are resigned to "just getting by," and you want to have some help with a recurring headache, but you're not interested in quitting smoking.... well, it may be possible to find a remedy you can take to help with the headaches, at least for a while.

Obstacles to Cure - If you want to achieve and maintain good health, homeopathy can often help. But if there are obstacles to cure, you may need to make lifestyle changes for the best results. If you get sinus headaches from smoking, you will have to quit smoking to achieve a higher level of wellness.

Magic Bullet - Sorry, homeopathy is not always a magic bullet which takes away all your ills with one white pill. Although there are situations in which there is rapid relief of symptoms, most of the chronic conditions I'm seeing in my office need some healing time.

The Good News is that homeopathy IS enough to get you started on your health and wellness goals, whatever they are. As you start homeopathic treatment and start to feel better, you may find that it's easier to make changes that are good for you. You may not feel as stuck in harmful aspects of your lifestyle.

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Companies who make combination remedies mix several remedies together in order to cover more symptoms. Although some symptoms may get better for a time, combination remedies confuse the symptom picture, making it more difficult to find a remedy with a curative response.

In classical homeopathy, the remedy is determined during the homeopathic interview.As we talk about your symptoms, I gather information to getyour individual symptom picture. Afterward, I analyze the information and determine which remedy picture is the best match for your symptom picture.

More information about homeopathy can be found on the following websites. This is not a complete list, but these websites are very informative.




Homeopathy is a healing system formulated over 200 years ago through the life-long efforts of a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann.

Homeopathy is based on the premise that substances can be used to stimulate the body to heal itself. These substances, when diluted and processed using a method called succussion, are called homeopathic remedies.

Each remedy has its own symptom picture and that remedy is used to treat the symptom pictures seen in others. This basic tenet is referred to as treating "Like with Like".

There are different branches of homeopathy but I use classical homeopathy, which is the original system that Dr. Hahnemann evolved. In classical homeopathy great care is taken to find a single remedy to provide the energy to push the body in the direction of healing.



A primary goal of homeopathic treatment is a higher level of wellness.

What is a higher level of wellness? Of course, a higher level of wellness implies that your health complaints are resolved or at least improved, but there are other components that I look for to determine if you have reached a higher level of wellness:

  • Increased energy throughout the day
  • Increased mental clarity, intention or focus
  • Increased emotional stability without dullness of emotions
  • Increased physical expression and the energy to be creative