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You can use a homeopathic flu prophylactic

Different homeopathic pharmacies make a homeopathically-prepared remedy called influenzinum from each year's flu vaccine. This remedy can be taken at the beginning of flu season according to a specific protocol, as a "homeopathic vaccination." Many of my patients swear by it. Overall, there's some controversy about how well it works to prevent the flu so it's not a guarantee that you won't get the flu at all, but it can also be used if you do get the flu. Like the flu vaccine, the efficacy of the homeopathic preparation may depend on the accuracy of the predictions made about which flu viruses will predominate. But the flu vaccine sometimes has side affects that seem risky to some including the possibility of mercury-based additives. Call me if you'd like more information about these "homeopathic vaccinations." 

Homeopathy has a lot to offer flu sufferers.

In past major flu pandemics, especially the Spanish flu of 1916-1918, the mortality rate was significantly less for homeopathic patients than for the patients of the regular medical doctors of the time. Now, emergency medicine can make a difference in severe cases or with severe secondary infections. This is expensive medicine, though. Wouldn't it be better for everyone if the flu were less severe in the first place? This, apparently, is not available with current allopathic drugs, but often homeopathy can help flu sufferers.

People are very concerned about flu in general. If you are concerned about getting the flu, consider the possibilities that homeopathy offers. Think ahead of time about what you might want to do to prevent and/or treat the flu. 

                                          Homeopathy and the Flu

Homeopathy can help any flu virus

 It doesn't matter to me if you have H1N1 flu virus or any of the many seasonal flu viruses. I don't need a diagnosis because I choose the homeopathic remedy that best fits your symptoms. Homeopaths want to know about fevers, digestive complaints, nose, ear and throat complaints, coughs, etc. We also want to know what time of day or night the flu complaints are worse and what things seem soothing or seem to make them worse, because these are very individual symptoms that might be most useful in finding the best homeopathic remedy. 

Fear and the Flu

Your emotional well-being affects your physical well-being, so if you're anxious about getting sick you may be setting yourself up to be sick. This is an example of looking at disease holistically, and homeopathy addresses these underlying causes of illness. Viruses and bacteria are in our environment and our best defense is a really good immune system.

Patients of Vis-a-Vis Wellness who are currently seeing me for followups probably know what their constitutional remedy is; previously-treated patients should call to get more information. I'm also available for acute flu consultations, whether or not I've seen you before.    

Having a healthy immune system

Obviously a healthy immune system gives you the best chance of fighting the flu and recovering quickly without secondary infections. Homeopathic treatment is one way to achieve better health. During homeopathic treatment, you may have found a remedy that often helps you, referred to as a constitutional remedy. This is the first remedy to try if you feel you are coming down with the flu. If you have not previously had homeopathic treatment, consider making an appointment with a homeopathic practitioner to resolve chronic or re-curring ailments which may be taxing your energy. Once your immune system is free of having to deal with chronic complaints, it makes sense that your susceptibility to the affects of flu will be diminished. I think this is the best long-term prevention strategy for avoiding a bad case of the flu. ​

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Homeopathic remedies can be used

for actual treatment of the flu. If you take a good

remedy at the onset of flu symptoms it may be

possible to shorten the length of illness and lessen

the severity. You can use homeopathic remedies

during the flu even if you've already tried other

forms of prevention, including flu vaccine and

homeopathic remedies.

And what's a "good remedy" for the flu? Why, one that helps your immune system fight the disease, of course. Homeopathic remedies are individualized and there may be dozens of remedies that could possibly be used for people with common flu symptoms. There are books with symptom descriptions for some of the more common homeopathic flu remedies.

You can also learn more about homeopathy at a study group or a weekend seminar on homeopathy - call me if you're interested in finding out about local offerings. Of course, you may prefer to consult with a homeopath. Luckily, in epidemics, homeopaths can often spot a particular pattern of symptoms and some remedies that may be particularly useful during that epidemic.