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In homeopathy consulting, I help my clients by finding the best remedy match for their mental/emotional/physical symptom picture. We talk in my office and you tell me about your concerns. During our conversation, I get the information about you that I need to recommend the best remedy for you. The remedies are specific to homeopathy, prepared from organic substances and easy and pleasant to take. If you're located in South Florida, I want to work face-to-face with you to help you set and achieve your health and wellness goals. Call or email for more information or to make an appointment.      

We all know that conventional medicine saves lives after car accidents, cardiac arrest and severe trauma. But there are a lot of chronic conditions for which conventional medicine doesn't have a good answer, even after many tests and protocols are followed to rule out every possible diagnosis. In these cases, homeopathy treatment can still address the underlying cause, because a diagnosis is not required.

Homeopathy can help you to feel better. Homeopathic remedies are available to everyone from health food stores and homeopathic pharmacies. They are registered in the Homeopathic Pharmacopia of the US (HPUS). There are probably 4,000 homeopathic remedies available for use, according to my homeopathic computer program. It's not surprising that many people who try to use homeopathic remedies get confused and frustrated. They may have tried homeopathic remedies with little success because they didn't know the best remedy or didn't know how to continue the healing process. 

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How homeopathy can help you

Homeopathic treatment uses remedies chosen to match your specific symptoms - mentally, emotionally, and physically - to trigger your body's natural healing so that the things that have been bothering you get less severe and/or less frequent and you feel better. Homeopathy addresses the underlying cause of all your symptoms so that your body can balance and heal.

  • Maybe your stress level is over the top and you don't know where to turn.
  • Maybe you've been dealing with headaches, PMS, prostate problems or menopause issues that limit the things you want to do.
  • Maybe you have chronic ailments such as arthritis, psoriasis, allergies and digestive problems and whatever you try to do doesn't really work.
  • Maybe you have a diagnosis such as Chron's Disease, IBD, COPD, depression, herpes, high cholesterol/high blood pressure, and are on prescription medications with no end in sight.
  • Maybe your children have chronic ear infections, behavior/neurological issues such as autism or ADD/ADHD.