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The Homeoprophylaxis (HP) study

The HP Study has been established to gather information about the efficacy of homeoprophylaxis.  It's a 4-year program with homeopathic remedies to mimic the established CDC schedule.  During the study, parents provide information about exposure to infectious diseases and any illnesses that resulted.  We hope that this information will be helpful in providing an alternative to current vaccinations.

The official website for the HP Study is called Free and Healthy Children.I am a supervising homeopath for the HP Study.  If you want to discuss the program and enroll in the study, contact me using the form below. Put "HP Study" in the Subject line.

           about  homeoprophylaxis (ho-me-o-pro-phyl-ax-is)

 Homeoprophylaxis is the use of a homeopathic remedy to prevent disease.  Homeopathy is a system of health that’s over 200 years old.  During scarlet fever epidemics the homeopathic remedy belladonna  was found to prevent the spread of the disease to family members. More recently, homeopathic nosodes, prepared from the specific diseases, have been reputed to provide some risk against the actual disease.  Even now, some of my clients take the homeopathic remedy influenzinum every year to prevent the flu. 

Can homeopathy prevent infectious disease? Results of the work of Dr Isaac Golden in Australia demonstrate that children who have undergone homeoprophylaxis without constitutional homeopathic treatment are statistically healthier even than those who have received constitutional homeopathic treatment. Why do you think this would be? If one aspect of health is the ability to adapt to the environment/pathogens in the environment, and not succumb to sickness, then exposure to potentized disease germs in a systematic way has somehow made the individual more able to adapt. This is the thinking in homeoprophylaxis.

And seeing as there are no toxic effects from homeoprophylaxis, the children are healthier, and rate of disease incidence is lower than with vaccination, it makes a whole lot more sense to me than the mass vaccine campaigns we have going on.  I believe homeoprophylaxis provides a safe, effective and better alternative to vaccines.